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2 September 2008, JellyBean @ 2:45 am

From far back in history, the world has heard strange stories about Indian Yogi’s and their strange mystical abilities. People coming back from the Indian colony came with eye-witness reports of these mysterious feats. Perhaps the most widely reported one is that of levitation.

Is it possible for human beings to levitate? Don’t miss the video at the end of this article.

On the 6th June 1936, P.Y. Plunkett of the Illustrated London News, along with 150 other people witnessed the Yogi Pullaver levitate in the air for about 4 minutes. The feat took place on a sunny, clear day and in an open, unobscured area. Plunkett was permitted to photograph the proceedings.

The Yogi’s assistants set up a small tent in the open area and Pullavar ritualistically poured a circle of water around the perimeter of the tent. Adding to the religious overtones, shoes were not allowed inside the circle. Yogi Pullaver then entered the tent and after several minutes, his attendants removed the tent revealing the Yogi suspended horizontally in the air, several feet from the ground.

Pullaver appeared to be in a trance state and the only evidence of support was his outstretched hand resting on top of a cloth covered walking stick. Witnesses told that it was evident that the Yogi did not exert much pressure on the stick.

The audience was invited to see the spectacle from close up. Many photo’s were taken and they checked for strings, props or anything else which may be responsible for his suspension. they found nothing.

After four minutes, the attendants re-erected the tent around the Yogi. They said that this was to shield him as he made his descent. Plunkett reported that he could see the outline of the guru through the tent. He noted that the Yogi swayed gently for a short time before sinking slowly to a horizontal position on the ground.


When the tent was again removed, Yogi Pullaver was seen lying on the ground in a deep trance. Volunteers were then asked to try and bend his arms and legs. Plunckett reported that they were unable to do so as his limbs appeared to be locked into their positions.

After some minutes, the Yogi’s attendants began to revive him. First they threw cold water over him and then rubbed his limbs for about 5 minutes. Pullaver then came out of the trance and was once again able to move and walk around.

Other religions, including Christianity also have historical reports of levitation. Are they for real, or are they all just elaborate hoaxes? If such accounts of human levitation are true, then what enables a human being to counter the force of gravity and levitate?

Recently a video was released which purports to show how Yogi Pullaver and other Indian Yogi’s pull off their version of the levitation trick. Does it really explain it, or does it just point out a clever possibility? Well you can watch it and find out:

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