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2 May 2009, JellyBean @ 5:41 am

Video of the latest UFO sighting captured in Wrexham, England has been released.
The witness who wished to remain anonymous, had heard of strange sightings above the village over the past several months. He claims that before capturing the strange lights on his cam, he had seen them on one previous occassion.

On 18 April, he saw the lights once more and managed to grab his camera and record exactly what happened.

The video shows two bright lights in the night sky.

“They were totally silent and much too big to be a plane,” he told reporters.

“I have heard of a case recently in the Wrexham area where Chinese lanterns have been mistaken for UFOs, but I think that in this instance the objects were moving far too quickly.”

A number of sightings in the area over the past several months have been attributed to Chinese lanterns.

Watch the video by clicking here to go to the Evening Leader site.

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