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13 May 2010, JellyBean @ 7:56 pm

For the first time in 25 years, I have just had a perfectly clean out-of-body movement. I was listening to music–some old folksongs–when I found myself standing in the middle of the living room. I was confused; when did I get up from the chair.

Then I saw sitting there an odd looking old man in pajamas, staring straight ahead, his eyes black shadows. At first, I was frightened. I could not imagine who it was or how I had missed seeming him. An instant later, though, I realized that it was me, and I was out in the air without my body.

I thought I’d died suddenly and I just looked in amazement at myself, trying to see what had gone wrong. But I was alive, transfixed, but I could see myself breathing.

An instant later, I was in our old cabin in upstate New York. I was in the living room, which was, incredibly, just as it had been when we lived there so long ago. It was dark and quiet. I thought it was empty. But then I heard music coming from upstairs. A radio was playing.

I went up, and saw Anne lying in our old bed. She was a lovely young girl, a flower sleeping, and a nostalgia of almost unimaginable poignance and power came up in me. And then I saw myself. I was lying there with my eyes just like they were here in this living room, dark shadows.

On the radio was the same song, Wild Mountain Thyme, that had been playing here when I came out. Then those dark eyes of my young self connected with me. He saw me. I saw me, I mean. I know that I must have, and now that I think back, I believe it must have been one of those moments that I related in my books, when the visitors approached my bedside, or maybe I never remembered it, I cannot recall any specific experience like that, so I’m not sure.

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