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3 August 2010, JellyBean @ 10:39 am

A curious story occupied the headlines of a number of Mexican newspapers in 2006 regarding the startling re-emergence of strange entities best described as “witches” in parts of the country, but mainly in the area of Monterrey, Mexico’s second most important city. According to Matamoros’ El Mañana newspaper on September 19, 2006, Gerardo Garza Carvajal (Carbajal, in some newspaper accounts) a policeman from Santa Catarina claimed having seen two witches while on a routine patrol near a graveyard months earlier.

With five years’ seniority with the Monterrey police department, Garza stepped forward with the story of his bizarre experience only because a fellow officer agreed to substantiate the experience. The young police officer had a glowing record and had never experienced any mental issues or hallucinations, as substantiated by tests performed on him at the Municipal Clinic.

Gerardo Garza’s brush with the supernatural occurred near the Panteon Municipal cemetery, a short distance from the road leading to Villa Garcia.” I was inside the guardhouse when I heard the sound of pebbles being thrown against the door. I went outside to see what was going on, and it was then that I saw two witches with faces like old women, with red eyes and black hats tipped backward; they had feathered wings and claws on the ends of those extremities. They began laughing horribly, and I got back into the guardhouse and saw what they were doing through a peephole. They were flying in circles, so I reported the situation to my fellow officers.”

Garza said that he immediately requested backup, and in a matter of minutes was surrounded by several municipal police cars even some from the Ministerial Police.

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