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3 September 2010, JellyBean @ 10:20 am

This was posted today on the Above Top Secret Forum The questions raised are certainly valid.

Something i have been pondering a bit lately. As i read MUFON and NUFORC case reports frequently and as much as possible one thing stands out, or should i say does not. That is the drought of classic flying saucers or disc shape craft. Usually we see orbs or spheres, unexplained lights and yes triangles. Once in a while a disc like craft but unlike the waves in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. There seems to be a connection to the abduction phenomena along with the saucer trend. Many abduction cases describe a saucer almost all of them. Since what appears to be a drastic decrease in abductions since the mid 1990’s the saucers have gone as well almost.

Is there a change in the design of these craft ?

Are different alien races coming and going with different makes of craft ?

Did our black programs drive them off or did another alien race kick them out?

Were they man made all along and the design is now considered obsolete?

Was it all a series of hoaxes and influenced by popular belief with movies and TV of that era?

These are the questions i keep asking myself. Where did they go? Of course they did not all leave there are still reports now and then. But i have seen weeks and months go by and no reports of disc shape craft. I was wondering what your take on this is?

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