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2 June 2009, JellyBean @ 1:51 pm

Looking back in time on the New York Times website, we find some truly strange stories embedded in the humdrum news. This one is particularly odd and I can’t help but wonder what happened to the city?

Here is the first paragraph:

“The city of Moberly, Mo., is stirred up over the discovery of a wonderful buried city, which was discovered at the bottom of a coal shaft, 360 feet deep, which was being sunk near the city….”

Later in the article they mention huge halls with stone benches, tools and statues in them. Also in the city they claim to have found the remains of a giant human skeleton.

According to the article the Recorder of the city of Moberly vouched for the explorers and their claims.

Was this a hoax story or is there somewhere under Missouri a city of giants waiting to be rediscovered?

Check out the entire archived article on the New York Times website by CLICKING HERE!

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