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18 March 2009, JellyBean @ 10:55 am

Author: Michael McGrath

It is my desire to ensure this article leaves you with a better understanding of binaural beats and how you can use them in your life.

The power of binaural beats technology is about to be explaned.

Binaural beats are just tones which are generated to have a specific frequency and when listened to they can entrain your brain. Brain entrainment is just a fancy term used to describe what happens when a technology, such as binaural beats, is used to alter your brainwaves. Having the ability to change your brainwaves is enormously beneficial. With the right binaural beats you can produce a sense of deep relaxation, heightened creativity or even alert focus. As well as many other states that are available you can also create a feeling of euphoria and even expereience added health benefits.

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Binaural beats were first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. Dove learned that by taking two tones, that only differed by a small frequency, and playing one into the left ear and the other into the right ear, a beat effect was produced in the brain – even though no auditory beat actually existed. The beat had a frequency equal to the difference between the two tones. An example would be if one binaural tone has a frequency of 2000 hertz and the other binaural tone has a frequency of 2010 herts then the binuaral beat that the brain hears would have a frequency of 10 hertz which is the mathematical difference between the 2 tones. The beat itself does not really exist. It is merely the brain’s perception of what it is hearing that causes these binaural beats. They do not exist independently of the brain. A simile would be when you hear a word when the wind blows or see a shape in a cloud. Nothing is really happening but your brain tries to put meaning to what it is hearing and seeing!

Although this was a great discovery it wasn’t until 1973, when Gerald Oster’s article “Auditory Beats in the Brain” was published by Scientific American, that the enormous benefits of using binaural beat technology became apparent. It was found that when these binaural tones are played the brainwaves of the listener will follow the frequency of the beat that is produced. It is now known that certain frequencies are conductive to different internal experiences. If your brainwaves are between 8 – 12 hertz, for example, you are said to be in the Alpha state. The ability to entrain the brain into different states is highly beneficial. Let’s take a quick look at the common brainwave states and their associated physical states to get some idea of what I mean.

1. Beta – you are in the beta state when you are engaged in thinking activities, anxious or stressed.

2. Alpha – this is the state of relaxed focus. You would be in an alpha state if you were watching a movie or daydreaming, recalling memories.

3. Theta – this is the state of sleep, very deep relaxation or most forms of meditation.

4. Delta – this is the state of very deep sleep where the body repairs itself and the immune system is strong.

Each of these states has corresponding benefits. Entering the Beta brainwave state heightens alterness and focus. If you wanted to relax, learn new information or reprogram your beliefs then the Alpha state would be the most appropriate. Let’s say you desired a change in the way you viewed memories. Perhaps they have strong negative emotional ties with them. You could use the Theta brainwave state to release the emotions connected to the memories. If you need to accelerate your healing, strengthen your immune system or undertake some powerful self improvement work then the Delta state would prove highly beneficial.

Here are the frequencies associated with the brainwave states mentioned above:

1. Beta – 13 – 25 Hz.
2. Alpha – 8 – 12 Hz.
3. Theta – 4 – 7 Hz.
4. Delta – 1 – 3 Hz.

Many people wonder why they can’t just listen to the desired frequency without the need for two separate tones. This cannot be done as we can only hear sounds that are between 20 and 20000 hertz. Therefore frequencies that fall in the range of the desirable states, that we wish to create, would just not be heard if they were played as one track. As the tones used in binaural beats recordings create a beat that doesn’t really exist, this problem is avoided. In addition, the binaural tones, that cause the beat, have the added advantage of increasing communication between the two cerebral parts of the brain.


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