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1 October 2008, JellyBean @ 4:32 pm

UFO Digest recently reported on what appears to be a bizarre accident where a UFO was struck by lightening.

On September 17, Jairo Esparragoza recorded a UFO on his Motorola Motoraz V3 cellphone when he was driving along the Guarenas-Guatire Expressway in the vicinity of the Buenaventura Shopping Mall in the state of Miranda in north-central Venezuela.

He originally started filming the amazing lightening show which was taking place over the Venezuelan capital. While filming he saw a couple of orbs in the sky. He focussed his camera on these objects and checked to see whether anything, like a lamppost, was causing the effect. There was nothing else around.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck close to the UFO and the object immediately vanished from the sky.

Analysis done on the still images taken from the video show no apparent trickery and that there was indeed something up there. Something that couldn’t have been a plane or helicopter.

For more on this story:

UFO Digest: Venezuela: Was A UFO Destroyed By Lightning?

Photo courtesy inexplicata.blogspot.com

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