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5 December 2008, JellyBean @ 9:55 am

Villagers in China are flocking to see a giant stone flower which they believe appeared in the woods after heavy rainfall.

One day about a month ago, an elderly man from Meilan village was out collecting firewood when he stumbled across the stone flower. He quickly returned to the village and called his friends and neighbours to see it.

News soon spread to neighbouring villages and Meilan became a bustling centre fo the many people who came to see the amazing phenomenon.

Scientists sent to see the formation, has told the villagers that it is merely a fossil, but this has left them undaunted.


Village head Ran Zaizhong says the site used to be buried by soil and forest until a heavy rain caused a mountain slide and made the stone flower suddenly appear.

A geologist, Dr Meng Youyan, studied pictures of the ‘stone flower’ and says the so-called petals are in fact 300 million-year-old chert nodules.

Ananova: Villagers flock to see ‘stone flower’

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