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16 July 2010, JellyBean @ 9:02 am

VAMPIRES. They can suck your blood or drain your psychic energy, kill you or turn you into one of them.

Or so the stories say.

But the growing interest in stories like the Twilight saga could see “real” vampires emerge from the underground and into the daylight.

University of Western Sydney Associate Professor Adam Possamai, who specialises in sociology of religion, said the growing number of “vampires” was an example of hyper-real religions – new faiths that draw on religion, philosophy and popular culture to create their own beliefs.

He said people had been interested in vampires since the 1970s, particularly the super-human abilities of vampires.

“Some groups developed and have become quite active on the internet,” he said.

“The vampire is no longer a monster that needs to be exclusively destroyed, it is now a superman-type of character that people aspire to become to realise their full potential.

“Dracula has become a modern-day gothic Buddha.”

Read the whole article here: Penrith Press

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