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23 November 2010, JellyBean @ 7:58 am

Are you concerned about the naked body scanners at airports?

Unless you are a porn star, going through the naked body scanner is often a daunting task. After all, some TSA person is going to be seeing you in all your glory.

Until now the only alternative is to be sexually abused during an ‘enhanced pat down’ by some other TSA agent.

Now one Colorado man claims you can now use the naked body scanners and keep your diginity intact with his new invention … fig leaf underwear!

Jeff Buske uses a strategically placed fig leaf made out of a powdered metal which is impervious to the machine. The inserts are thin and contour to the body, so it would make concealing anything else pretty difficult.

The mix of tungsten and other metals in the powder also do not set of metal detectors.

The men’s design has the fig leaf, while the one for women comes in the shape of clasped hands.

At the time of writing it is unclear whether the TSA will accept the new invention, or force people to be molested in a pat down.

Level Beyond urges all passengers to stand up for their rights and to take part in the ‘opt out’ day. For more information go to the National Opt Out Day website.

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