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9 August 2010, JellyBean @ 11:03 am

The Joint Intelligence Committee, which prepared briefings on national security and defence for ministers and senior officials, was advised that a number of UFO sightings remained unexplained during this time.

In April 1957 a memorandum on “aerial phenomena” was prepared for a meeting of the Cabinet Office’s then intelligence group.

It was firstly told that all reports of such strange sightings were “satisfactorily explained”, either as mistakes in interpreting radar readings or as balloons and aircraft.

But a week later the Air Ministry prepared a memo for the Red Book, the JIC’s weekly intelligence survey, which disclosed that some sightings were still shrouded in mystery.

One of the six unexplained sightings was later accounted for by lack of evidence and another was thought to be a weather balloon. The rest remained unexplained.

The files also detail a near miss between a British Airways Boeing 737 and an “unidentified Object” while the aircraft was approaching Manchester Airport at 1.50pm on January 6 1995.

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