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11 January 2011, JellyBean @ 12:11 pm

An interesting story popped up today about UFO sightings in and around Bray’s Point, Oregon.

Author Ken Kesey claims that aliens have lived near his Bray’s Point home and that he has interacted with them in a number of ways. These aliens lived in groups, or ‘gangs’ of between 7 – 11 members in each. He said they all seemed to be the same age (around 60) with a mix of men and woman that were both dark and white.

Here is a preview of the article:

As the world awaits the release of WikiLeaks UFO files by founder Julian Assange, there’s newly unearthed stories about “extraterrestrial” life in and around Ken Kesey’s summer home at Bray’s Point; with Kesey using “using astral projection” and “watching the lights” over his beachfront property that he compared to the aurora borealis thanks to his “neighbors.”

Kesey said the neighbors were, in fact, an alien gang that lived near his Bray’s Point house and down the beach from the much celebrated UFO haven at Stonefield Beach.

Kesey’s writing describes encounter with these “neighbors.”

The author explains walking along this deserted stretch of beach one day and noticed the neighbor’s homes. After meeting them, he writes the aliens are the “new bulls and this Earth is its grassland.”

Kesey believes the neighbors arrived at Bray’s Point in the late Sixties. He also writes in rare, unpublished notes about alien gangs. The notes are now housed at the University of Oregon’s Special Collections and University Achieves at the Knight Library.

There are records from the “Kesey Readings” at Eugene’s Tsunami Books that relate to the author’s fascination with aliens and “alien gangs” living along the Oregon coast.

You can read the entire article on huliq.com

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