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6 August 2010, JellyBean @ 7:23 pm

THE people of West Lothian are being urged to watch the sky after a string of reports of unidentified flying objects in the area.

UFO website forums across the country have been flooded with reports of strange sights seen in the night skies above Whitburn, Bathgate and Livingston in the past month.

One reader phoned the Courier to describe “strange orange lights” he had seen in the sky over Whitburn last week.

The man said he was walking back from the Hillcroft Hotel up to Gleneagles Court with his wife when he saw two triangular orange lights above them.

He said: “They looked like they were moving from the Falkirk area to Edinburgh, almost like they were following the route of the M8. They were moving quite quickly but they didn’t make any sound. They would reach a particular point then they would turn black.

“I watched them for about 45 minutes and I saw six in total and they moved in formation.

“A dog walker approached us and said they had seen them as well.

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