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4 August 2010, JellyBean @ 6:54 pm

Last week, a plethora of documents pertaining to the US and Britain’s involvement in the War on Terror in Afghanistan was released by the controversial WikiLeaks organization. This has led to much speculation… even in the absence of any tremendous amount of new or otherwise clandestine information the documents were expected to provide.

In the aftermath, some look at the release of information in the military documents as evidence of crimes against humanity; others question whether releasing the names of Afghan operatives who have helped in the counter-insurgency and otherwise aided US forces was wise. But there are a few angles that haven’t been explored; one which comes to mind is how this disclosure might have predictive elements that could outline what future disclosure of UFO documents might be like in the United States.

People in the UFO community have long speculated about what would be necessary to get the United States government to hand over secret documents it is alleged to have pertaining to UFOs. Although there is little question about the fact that there have been some secrets kept over the years, something that is far too often overlooked is the fact that a variety of government agencies have already released previously-classified documents pertaining to UFOs. Among these you can expect to find the CIA, who has a host of them uploaded to their website already and free for the average Joe to browse at his leisure.

But what does this have to do with WikiLeaks? It’s really pretty simple: in spite of a few minor revelations, there was little released with the disclosure of US military documents last week that most media sources didn’t already know, and nothing particularly ground-breaking or traumatic. If the US government were to release its secret UFO files tomorrow, by week’s end UFO truthers, debunkers, journalists, technophiles and insomniacs would have all the relevant details appraised and uploaded in various places; my prediction, however, is that, again, little would be revealed that we don’t already know.

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