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17 August 2010, JellyBean @ 6:09 pm

It’s funny how history repeats itself, and even funnier when nobody really knows about the first time an event occurs.

For instance, EMP — electromagnetic pulsation — receives a fair amount of attention in the news currently, primarily because governments and scientists fear enemies can cripple computers and, indeed, all functions and devices requiring digital communication in a wide area with the proliferation of EM waves.

But anybody with a working knowledge of UFO history realizes that electromagnetic energy — or something very much like it — was disabling autos on highways around the world during UFO sightings at least as far back as the 1950’s. Did folks read about these incidents in their local newspapers? Sometimes. Area newspapers and radio stations would pick up on the stories, report briefly and then the stories were gone forever — but generally the press avoided widespread reporting because. . .because ( I hate trying to speculate here). . .probably because the stories seemed unbelievable, though a few carefully measured lines might be good for a laugh. Ironic, really, considering that even barnyard animals reliably appeared to detect errant energy sources, as noted extensively in UFO literature. It’s not very comforting to think that the common animal sense of a farm’s jackass could exceed editorial judgement at a major newspaper. The news media could and should have done a lot better with the UFO subject since the early days.

Many of you look forward to a time when the U.S. government reveals what may be an incredible file load of information supporting the existence of UFOs as intelligently controlled objects. When and if that day comes, where and how will blame be affixed for years of denial? After all, we’re all looking for somebody to hold responsible whenever some long-delayed truth emerges.

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