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13 April 2009, JellyBean @ 8:29 am

Crew Member Jessica Shoffner grew very warm and sweaty (and incredibly nauseated) during the part of the tour when we viewed the bare footprints. Her nausea brought her to the floor, and we had to wait until she recovered to continue on. Jessica is in her second trimester of her pregnancy, and it was explained that Waverly has a certain effect on women who are pregnant. Jessica has not had any previous illness or nausea attributed to her pregnancy, until this moment.


Jessica Shoffner, and none of us on the tour have ANY explanation for what happened to her. Sorry folks, this appears to be very real – and incredibly frightening. Jessica is now ok, and has since NOT experienced any nausea or similar signs and symptoms like her experience at Waverly. Status: UNEXPLAINED

Coming to Level Beyond this Wednesday!

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