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30 July 2008, JellyBean @ 8:24 am

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, you really should take a drive along Tuen Mun Road, one of Hong Kong’s oldest major motorways which runs from Tuen Mun to Tsuen Wan.

Not only will you enjoy the scenery, but you may also get a chance to encounter something different.

Hazards such as narrow carriageways and blind spots are more frequent than on modern motorways and this combined with the heavy traffic often results in accidents. Such is the case of Tuen Mun Road which is one of the biggest killer roads in Hong Kong. But not all the deaths and accidents are explained away so easily. According to locals, many of these are caused by ghosts.

What would you do if you were driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly something pops up into the middle of the road? Apparently this is precisely what these ghosts do – appear out of nowhere right in front of you. The result of swerving out of the way has the unfortunate result of real collisions happening.


This strange phenomenon has not only been reported by locals, but also by tourists who have not heard of the ‘ghost theory’ before.

Exactly who the ghosts were is not known, but local rumour has it that the number of these ghosts are increasing due to the increasing number of deaths taking place. Could it be that the original ghost was lonely?

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