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14 April 2009, JellyBean @ 8:30 am

Josh Shoffner (Video Photographer) experienced technical difficulties while on the property. On a full charge, his camera captures 120 minutes of digital video. Josh claims his camera is a high quality ($600.00) digital camera. Upon arrival to the facility, his camera was instantly drained down to 74 minutes, and then down to 33 at the start of the tour. His camera quit working in the cafeteria, and then his camera’s lights started blinking wildly while trying to fix it. Josh was dumbfounded, because his camera had NEVER done this before.


Josh’s camera captured digital video during the downtime, even though the display quit working. His camera also recorded “directly to the memory card,” and not the 8mm tape inside the camera. This has NEVER been done before by the camera, and there is no known option to record directly to the memory stick as it is used primarily for digital camera stills. Status: UNEXPLAINED

Tomorrow morning … be here for the Waverly Hills Sanatorium Experience !

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