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27 August 2008, JellyBean @ 2:22 am

Vega 7 Entertainment announced today the release of AREA 51: THE ALIEN INTERVIEW SPECIAL EDITION, featuring color video footage purported to be of a living E.T. filmed in 1989 at the top secret government base known as Area 51.

This new edition of the 1997 documentary feature film comes to DVD for the first time with this release. The SPECIAL EDITION features a new interview, taped in early June of this year, with the mysterious informant “Victor”, who implicates former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in an extraterrestrial cover-up. According to “Victor”, Rumsfeld has been involved in the cover-up since 1973, during the Nixon Administration.

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In July, 1996, “Victor” approached the producers claiming to possess irrefutable video proof that the government had filmed actual living E.T.s at Area 51. AREA 51: THE ALIEN INTERVIEW unveiled that footage to the world. “Victor” maintains in a closely guarded interview that he “had reason to be present at Area 51” and that he was able to copy the footage “during an instance of ‘data leaking’ that occurred during a massive transfer of video documentation from video analog to digital disc storage in a lower security system.”


The film remains neutral over the dispute of whether the video is authentic or an elaborate hoax. Noted UFO researchers and Hollywood special effects experts including Academy Award winner Rick Baker (“Men in Black”) give their candid reactions. Baker flatly states, “It’s a fake in my opinion.” Other experts are not so quick to judge. Noted UFO expert and former NATO Commander Robert Dean had no doubt the footage was authentic. “This is powerful, because this is not a staged event, this is real,” said Dean. In the last 11 years, the controversial E.T. footage has neither been successfully proven nor debunked.

After more than a decade of silence, “Victor” again contacted the producers. Appearing frail, “Victor” goes on the record and implicates by name, current and former members of the U.S. government of possessing secret knowledge of the E.T.s. An exclusive video clip from the new “Victor” interview can be viewed at the film’s website, http://www.thealieninterview.com.

EPK: http://www.thealieninterview.com/downloads.html

Website clips: http://www.thealieninterview.com/watchvideoclips.html
Website: http://www.thealieninterview.com/

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