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29 October 2008, JellyBean @ 10:54 am

The residents of Woolaston in Stourbridge, England, live in fear that their beloved cat may disappear one day. Over the past several years, more than 50 cats have mysteriously vanished from the streets of the West Midlands town. The mystery is centred on Meriden Avenue and its surrounding roads.

No bodies have ever been discovered on the sides of the road, which pretty much rules out that they have been run over by cars. Strangely, the collars of several of the missing cats have been found, but this has just served to deepen the mystery.

The RSPCA has been investigating the reports of the feline vanishings and have taken the reports very seriously. So much so that they have now stopped rehousing any cats in the surrounding area.

They have conducted door-to-door interviews, but are no closer to solving the mystery.


“In this case there have been reports of missing cats with no information about how they have gone missing, with no bodies of cats as evidence therefore it is difficult to investigate further without any evidence,” they told reporters.

They added that she could not confirm an exact number given by the residents claims as the investigation has been going for only two years.

One resident, Kerry Davis, who has lost both her pets Lilly and Gizmo, said: “We moved into this residential area so the cats would be safe. It is devastating.”

Residents of the area now call it the Purrmuda Triangle after the famous Bermuda Triangle.

As to why the cats are disappearing, people have a number of theories. Some say that it is the work of a cat-hater who is trapping them and disposing of their bodies. Others think it may be someone who is illegally trapping rabbits in the area. The cats are the unfortunate victims.

One or two others think that there may be something supernatural on the prowl. Something which may one day not be satisfied the only catching cats …

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