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10 August 2010, JellyBean @ 7:28 pm

Oops is an exclamation we often sound after bumping our elbows or making some other mistake accidentally. But the term has a double meaning. Out of place objects (OOPS) or out of place artifacts (OOParts) are a phenomena by which objects or animals appear under mysterious circumstances or appear to have always been in a location despite the fact that there is no reason for their presence. OOPs (pronounced by spelling the name out or simply saying Oop) are located all over the world with the only common factor being that they appear very far from home. And it categorizes everything that simply should not or could not be where it was found without quite a bit of explaining.

Examples of Oops have been observed throughout history, but there are specific examples that have been recorded as recently as this year with black cats and even tigers being found in unexplainable habitats all around the world. Sharks have been discovered swimming in lakes where they could not survive for long or along stretches of ocean where they simply never go. And Kangaroos have been discovered hopping along through the American Midwest an entire half globe away from their natural habitat in Australia.

But it’s not simply left to the unexplained discovery of animals in locations they should not be. OOPs can be categorized as inanimate objects as well. OOParts have been found ranging from an automobile spark plug discovered in a strata of rock dated millions of years old to Viking helmets and ships discovered inland in Canada. The phenomenon is troubling to say the least, and require several different explanations to make any sense of it.

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