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3 July 2008, JellyBean @ 9:56 am

When searchers found the KAZ II catamaran, they found the engine still running, neat piles of clothes on the rear deck, a laptop computer found switched on and the sail shredded. They did not however discover the three men who were supposed to be aboard.

On April 15th 2007, the three men left the holiday resort town of Airlie Beach on the Whitsundays coast of eastern Australia. They were on their way back to western Australia. But something happened in the waters to the north east of Townsville in North Queensland.

Authorities think that the men must have disappeared only hours after leaving. The boat was observed by fishermen over the next three days, but none saw any life aboard.

The disappearances are not the only mystery in this story. After the search was called off, it was discovered that a Volunteer Marine Rescue radio operator had had radio contact with the Kaz II between 6pm and 7pm on April 15, hours after they were supposed to have disappeared.

Despite a wide search, there is no evidence to shed any further light on this mystery, or to the whereabouts of the three men.

There have been many theories on what happened to the men. Did they go for a swim and were unable to get back on board? Did they push the boat off a sandbank only to have it float away? Did they get picked up by another vessel? Or were they victims of foul play?

Sail World: The Unsolved Mystery of the Kaz II

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