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5 August 2008, JellyBean @ 9:37 am

In the second day of the inquest into the mysterious disappearance of the KAZ II crew, it was revealed that the initial rescuers who boarded the vessel abandoned it shortly after because of fears that they would be stabbed.

Peter Tunstead’s wife Frances told the inquest she could not understand why police had not fingerprinted the cabin of the Kaz II. She says that the police did not fully investigate the claim by recue worker, Corrie Benson, which appeared on video, saying that there had been evidence of a struggle.


In the video footage, Mr Benson came back and said that there was an empty bottle of spirits on the floor and that there were signs of a struggle. This bottle of spirits was not seen on the original video. “They ask him if he looked at the fridge, and he said he didn’t want anyone lunging at him with a knife. I would like to know if there were any knives on the floor.” Frances said.

Mr Benson is expected to give testimony before the inquest on Thursday.

Another mystery emerged in the form of the water tanks. Jenny Batten said that she could not understand why the water tanks were only a quarter full just a few days into the voyage. They were expected to be at sea for several weeks.

She said that her husband was always careful about keeping the tanks full.

“I just can’t understand where the water has gone,” said Ms Batten,

The inquest heard yesterday that the men had planned extensively for the voyage, plotting their route and promising their wives they would seek safe harbour should they encounter rough weather.

The inquest continues.

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