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6 May 2010, JellyBean @ 8:28 pm

Deep in the heart of Maryland, USA, lurks one of the most fearsome beasts in all of folklore – the Goatman.

Those who have encountered this monster, describe him as being half-man from the waist up and half-goat from the waist down. Some claim that the beast even has goat horns on his head. If this was not bad enough, the Goatman is also said to have a huge double-blade axe which he uses to hack the victims he encounters in the darkened lanes. He is nearly always described as being between six and seven feet tall.

What is striking is that the creature sounds similar to folklore concerning the devil, the Greek god, Pan, or the Greek creature known as a satyr.

Most Urban Legends tend to ‘move’ about, with various towns and villages laying claim to the monster. In this case however, the Goatman is firmly entrenched in the legends and folklore of Maryland.

Stories of the Goatman first appeared from around 1957 when a couple were spending a passionate moment in their car under the moonlit sky. Their lovemaking was suddenly interrupted by a banging on their car hood. Looking up, they were shocked to see a goat-like creature staring at them, with a large double-bladed axe in its hand. The creature glared at the couple before running off into the woods.

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