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25 August 2010, JellyBean @ 10:45 am

Thomas Hues wants to live among those he calls “the hairy folks.” The rest of us know them as the Sasquatch and, around the world, by many other names. The questions of whether these large beings exist and are intelligent have been answered in a resounding yes for the Texas native, who hosts the weekly Sasquatch and Spirituality BlogTalkRadio.com show.

“To me, the word ‘Bigfoot’ is insulting,” Hues explains. “Two things about them. They are folks, they are a type of people, and they are hairy. So I call them the hairy folks. Bigfoot is kind of condescending. Yes, they do have a big foot, but the size is relative to our own.”

He credits these elusive beings not only with making his life worth living again after personal hardship, but with teaching him about himself, and with helping him grow spiritually and emotionally.

“They gave me a reason to stay,” he says about the Sasquatch he has encountered and with whom he maintains relationships. “They gave me reasons to get up every morning.”

Hues didn’t grow up interested in the Sasquatch. Around February of 2008, however, he was 38 and despondent. He and his former wife had been laid off by the same company and had been unable to find new jobs. His health was declining and his wife left him (they divorced the next year).

“I closed my eyes and just sat in my chair in my office,” he continues. “I said, ‘I don’t know who’s listening, but if you guys want me to stay in this body, you are going to have to give me something worth waking up for every day. Otherwise, I’m ready to go. Now’.”

He immediately felt compelled to research the Sasquatch, and spent two months poring over every sighting report he could dig up, discerning behavior patterns. He did not limit his research to North America. He also studied sightings from Australia, which he found were similar to reports on this continent.

Hues learned that every Native American tribe in North America has a word for these beings. Sasquatch, for example, is a Cree word from Canada. In Central and South America, the Sasquatch are known as Tsi Tsi Mite and described as being grayish-silver in color and somewhere between 10 and 12 feet tall. In Asia, they are called Yeti and Yeren. In Europe and Russia, they are known as Almasti. The Malaysian name is Orang pendek.

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