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4 August 2010, JellyBean @ 6:48 pm

Steve Genier sat in a wooden chair at the parlour tea table, steps away from where nearly 80 years ago Henry Breckon’s body lay prepped for burial.

The air was still and hot. The house was silent, the room dark. Genier waited, alone, for something to happen.

Then he felt it. A tug — an unmistakable playful pull — on his left shoulder.

He jumped out of his chair and looked around. The room was empty.

His mind calculated. “Was it the wind? Maybe I moved slightly,” he thought.

“But none of it made sense,” he says. “Because I was just sitting there, not moving at all.”

No one knows who or what haunts Spruce Lane Farmhouse, a sprawling Victorian home nestled in a thick of century-old maple trees in Oakville’s Bronte Provincial Park. But that’s where Genier comes in. He’s investigating the house’s haunted status with his team at the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society.

Genier is one of a slew of investigators the park has brought in over the past year to collect evidence of paranormal activity for their summer ghost tour. The television show Ghost Trackers even recorded an episode at the farm.

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