23 February 2011, JellyBean @ 10:01 am

Former astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell recently revealed on the podcast ‘The Unexplained with Howard Hughes‘ that a ‘cabal’ of people from the military industrial complex hold definitive proof of aliens and UFO’s.

“It is a matter of power and control – who controls the most powerful technology in and out of this world that can get us somewhere else and who can make the most money out of it,” Dr Mitchell said.

The leadership of this cabal in not strictly government, although some government officials are involved, he told Howard Hughes.

He said that he believes that many alien species have interacted with humans. Some of these he believes have been involved over several hundred years.

“There are those (Aliens) who are trying to help us, but it is also up to us to help ourselves,” he said.

Mitchell went on to say that he doesn’t have any definitive, hard proof of aliens, but bases his opinion on accounts and information given to him by people in positions of power.

The interview also covered his career as an astronaut, our planet and moon-landing skeptics.

You can hear the entire interview on the ‘The Unexplained with Howard Hughes‘ podcast.

13 January 2011, JellyBean @ 10:54 am

I stumbled across this amazing post on http://www.ufo-blogger.com today.

Over the past 15 years, the Davenport, Wash. – based National UFO Reporting Center has collected more than 30,000 reports of UFO sightings through its hotline and Web site.

The visual results of these reports is amazing to see.

The first plots every sighting as a small yellow dot, with lighter colors representing a higher density of reports.

Visit their site to check out the other maps showing this data collected. It is truly amazing!

Click HERE to go to UFO-Blogger

4 January 2011, JellyBean @ 10:57 am

I am sure that you have all heard the news of the thousands of blackbirds falling out the skies in Arkansas, and the hundreds of thousands of drum fish dying in an Arkansas river.

Government experts claim that the birds died probably as a result of the recent storms over the state, while the fish died due to a disease which targeted that particular species. But other theories abound.

YouTube Preview Image

Some have speculated that the deaths are the work of the US government HAARP program, where they say that the high frequencies produced by the facility were targeted over the area.

Another group of people are claiming that the deaths are the work of a crazed terrorist group which was conducting tests on a new technology a la the TV show FastForward.

One lot of people are claiming that the deaths are from the science experimentation of aliens who popped on over to our part of the galaxy for unknown reasons.

Talkshow host, Alex Jones is in no doubt that shadowy forces in President Obama’s government are at work.

He immediately posed the question ‘could secret government testing be responsible for the carnage?’ which was then repeated on the Coast To Coast AM show.

They continue:

‘Electromagnetic scalar weapons that can artificially manipulate the environment could be responsible for the mass die offs. We know for a fact that over a decade ago the U.S. Military Industrial Complex was aware of and involved in the testing of such technology.’

‘The U.S. government has been repeatedly caught engaging in illegal bio-weapons tests over American skies that have maimed and killed not just animals, but humans.

‘Given the history of governments across the world performing unwitting experiments on their populations, the number one suspect in such cases should always be government.’

Check out their evidence HERE

Of course no conspiracy theory would be complete without those that claim that these deaths are proof of the end of the world in line with the 2012 Mayan prophecy.

What do you think has caused this?

14 September 2010, JellyBean @ 11:24 am

My favorite Scientist of all time, Dr Michio Kaku interviews author and investigation researcher Leslie Kean about UFOs on his radio program, Science Fantastic, September 11th, 2010:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

[amazonify]0307716848[/amazonify] [amazonify]B0036S4C66[/amazonify]

You can purchase the [amazonify]0307716848::text::::Hard Cover[/amazonify] from Amazon from the link above, or the [amazonify]B0036S4C66::text::::Kindle Edition[/amazonify] also above. If you click on the [amazonify]0307716848::text::::Hard Cover[/amazonify] link, you will also be able to preview pages from the book and see what the fuss is all about!

Michio Kaku reviewed the book previously and said then:

“At last, a serious and thoughtful book about this controversial subject. Skeptics and true believers will find a treasure trove of insightful and eye opening information. This book is bound to set the gold standard for UFO research.”

Michi Kaku is the Ph.D. Author of Physics of the Impossible and host of Sci Fi Science on the Science Channel.

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