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The following video is of a UFO over Laredo TX. Witnesses claim the occurrence happened around 4:00am Tuesday morning when a strange blinking light was seen.

Personally I feel that this could be explained…

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Some witnesses say they had seen the same UFO on Monday as well. Others claim that it, at times, split in two and then re-merged as it flew from South Laredo up to Central Laredo. Many claim it was flying very low in the sky and it wasn’t a helicopter.

Dozens of Laredo residents woke up to see a bright light in the sky that some say they just cannot explain.
Many people are now saying what they saw was a UFO in the sky over south Laredo before four this morning.
But not everyone believes it.
Annette Garcia has more.
Caught on camera.
This video shot a Pro 8 News viewer allegedly shows a light some say is coming from a UFO.
The light that seems like an ordinary star shone brightly over Laredo around four Tuesday morning.
Its the second night in a row its been spotted.
Witnesses took to the Pro 8 News facebook page posting details of what they saw.
One person said the light seemed to stay in one spot.
Another said he and his wife saw it between two and four a.m.
It was a bright white light and turned to two, then back to one.
Witnesses say it was flying around the south Laredo area, then flew back up to central Laredo towards loop twenty and then back around and down highway 83 before it disappeared.
Flying too low to be a commercial plane but was completely silent.
Residents in the Chacon creek area say the see helicopters daily and this was no helicopter.
Over 150 comments flooded another facebook page commenting on the sighting that has believers intrigued.
“I think so. I think we have visitors sometimes.”
“I’ve seen a movie and when I see it I think yeah there’s other aliens out there and different creatures.”
The topic is one that catches the attention of many people across the world.
There have been large investigations even some coming forward with what they say are top secret government documents that prove there are visitors from other planets.
There are some who are taking the sighting very seriously wondering what was seen in the skies of Laredo last night. But for others it’s more of a laughing matter.
“Do you believe in that kind of stuff? No I don’t.”
“No. I don’t believe in UFOs.”
In fact there were many who heard of the sighting early this morning saw the facebook posts ran outside to see the light and it wasn’t there at all.
For some just a joke, for others, it’s proof that we are not alone.
“Not by a long shot .. not by a long shot.”
We did speak with airport officials just a few minutes ago.
They say there were no flights leaving from the Laredo Airport but there were flights in the area.
And by the way, the Webb County Heritage Foundation will be hosting the first-ever Laredo UFO conference in November. “

4 August 2011, JellyBean @ 9:10 am

A UFO sighting by BBC sports reporter Mike Sewell has been generating great interest on BBC Radio 5 Live and all over the net.

Sewell had been on his way to Stansted airport when he observed a strange object in the sky for several minutes. “I’m not sure what it was, but it was disc-shaped [with] at least two panelled lights – soft white lights – underneath and several flashing lights around it,” he said on air, resulting in a deluge of calls from listeners.

The disbelieving journalist said he watched it for two or three minutes and soon after losing sight of it decided to turn back. He lost track of the object but did see a higher bright light in the sky with a bright white light.

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire police said they had only received one call on the subject from a member of the public regarding the sighting.

She added: “This is not a regular occurrence but we always encourage anybody to report anything suspect – strange people, strange aircraft and the like on our non-emergency number 101.”

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Read the story full HERE

3 November 2010, JellyBean @ 10:25 am

Tape recordings of US military men investigating a UFO in Rendlesham Forest 30 years ago have finally been released. We are still however waiting for any video evidence which was taken at the same time.

The airmen were in search of the source of mysterious night-time lights that looked like an alien spacecraft.

It became one of the world’s most famous UFO sightings – and has never been satisfactory explained.

The tape begins with an American noting that local farm animals were behaving strangely.

He says: “They’re very, very active, making a lot of noise.

“Straight ahead. There it is again. Straight ahead. What is it? A strange, small red light.

“It looks maybe half a mile further ahead. There is no doubt about it, it is a strange flashing red light ahead.”

He continues: “I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird. It’s coming this way. It’s definitely coming this way.

“There is no doubt about it – this is weird.”

The servicemen were led by Colonel Charles Halt, of the local US Air Force Bentwaters base.

He reported the December 1980 incident to the Ministry of Defence.

Damage to trees was later found 18ft high.

Theories range from an accident cover-up to lighthouse beams.

Listen to the tapes at: The Sun

1 September 2010, JellyBean @ 11:36 am

On the evening of August 26, 2010, about 8:10 pm, there was a sighting of a monstrous bird in South Greensburg, PA. Just as it was getting dark, four people were sitting around in the yard having a barbecue and enjoying the beautiful weather when suddenly, their attention was drawn skyward by a sound like a “swish” or a “swoosh” or as one witness stated, “like air coming straight down.”

Several of the observers at almost the same time yelled out some exclamations including one man who said, “What the hell is that?” They were all startled to see a tremendously large bird that was flying over a tree in the yard about 30-40 feet overhead. The man who was doing the cooking turned and looked up to see the creature fly above him at a distance of about 40 feet away. As the bird passed the tree, it veered slightly to the right and went straight down the road ahead, maintaining its low level path.

When first observed, the massive wings of the creature were in an upward position and were beginning to drop slowly, almost as if they were rolling to the bottom. The swoosh sound could be heard when the wings were moving. The powerful bird had flown about 125 yards down the road, at which time the wings were coming back up. The creature was observed as it continued to move steadily down the road, passing just above the roof top of a house with its wings flapping slowly and steadily about 3-4 time until it reached a group of trees about ¼ mile away, where it was lost from sight. It took about 20 seconds to go the ¼ mile distance.

I interviewed two of the witnesses at the scene and they were able to provide a detailed description of the giant flying creature. As it passed over, it appeared as though it was peering below, with its head and beak positioned downward. It was estimated that if the bird was on the ground it would stand between 4 ½ to 5 feet tall. The entire body was the same dark color, either darkish brown or black. The body width was about 25-30 inches wide. One witness said the body, “was very bulky and husky.”

Read the whole story: Paranormal News

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