30 July 2010, JellyBean @ 11:52 pm

Cynics may dismiss it as just a piece of driftwood or a trick of the light.

But a photograph showing what appears to be a long-necked sea creature has got marine experts scratching their heads.

The ‘animal’ was snapped stalking a shoal of fish just 30 yards off the British coast.

The fish were apparently so terrified they beached themselves just seconds later.

The creature was spotted off the Devon coast at Saltern Cove, Paignton, by locals who reported a sighting of what they thought was a turtle.

But pictures taken by one of the baffled witnesses, Gill Pearce, reveal the neck of the greenish-brown beast with the reptile-like head is far too long for it to be a turtle.

Mrs Pearce, who took the photo on July 27, reported her sighting to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) where it was studied by sea life experts.

Claire Fischer from the MCS said: ‘Gill Pearce spotted the creature about 20 metres from the bay at Saltern Cove, near Goodrington.

‘It was observed at about 15.30 on 27 July but by the time she had got her camera it had moved further out.

‘She spotted it following a shoal of fish which beached themselves in Saltern Cove.

‘The creature remained in the sea, then went out again and followed the shoal – this indicates it’s not a turtle as they only eat jellyfish.

‘We would love to know if other people have seen anything like this in the same area and can help clear up the mystery.’

Read more and see the pics: Daily Mail

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28 July 2010, JellyBean @ 6:37 pm

The recent decoding of a cryptic cup, the excavation of ancient Jerusalem tunnels, and other archaeological detective work may help solve one of the great biblical mysteries: Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The new clues hint that the scrolls, which include some of the oldest known biblical documents, may have been the textual treasures of several groups, hidden away during wartime—and may even be “the great treasure from the Jerusalem Temple,” which held the Ark of the Covenant, according to the Bible.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered more than 60 years ago in seaside caves near an ancient settlement called Qumran. The conventional wisdom is that a breakaway Jewish sect called the Essenes—thought to have occupied Qumran during the first centuries B.C. and A.D.—wrote all the parchment and papyrus scrolls.

But new research suggests many of the Dead Sea Scrolls originated elsewhere and were written by multiple Jewish groups, some fleeing the circa-A.D. 70 Roman siege that destroyed the legendary Temple in Jerusalem.

“Jews wrote the Scrolls, but it may not have been just one specific group. It could have been groups of different Jews,” said Robert Cargill, an archaeologist who appears in the documentary Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls, which airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel. (The National Geographic Channel is part-owned by the National Geographic Society, which owns National Geographic News.)

The new view is by no means the consensus, however, among Dead Sea Scrolls scholars.

Read the whole article: National Geographic

5 March 2009, JellyBean @ 2:00 pm

When I read this I couldn’t help but posting it here. Sometimes the strange is as commonplace as our everyday life! A chemist has cracked one of the most enduring mysteries of all time: where does belly button fluff come from?
“After three years of research, Georg Steinhauser, a chemist, has discovered a type of body hair that traps stray pieces of lint and draws them into the navel. Dr Steinhauser made his discovery after studying 503 pieces of fluff from his own belly button. Chemical analysis revealed the pieces of fluff were not made up of only cotton from clothing. Wrapped up in the lint were also flecks of dead skin, fat, sweat and dust. ”

Read the whole story at the Telegraph

16 February 2009, JellyBean @ 10:30 am

Many people in Texas have reported a fireball streaking across the sky on Sunday.
Mystery Fireball
The mystery fireball was also filmed by a television station which was filming a marathon at the time. You can view the video on the Sky News website or from CNN.

“We don’t know what it was,” Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Roland Herwig was quoted as saying.

John Foster, a spokesman for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Georgetown, said deputies and firefighters were out looking for debris after callers said they thought they had seen a plane crashing.

So far no debris or wreckage has been discovered despite the departments search with a helicopter.

The US Strategic Command which is responsible for the tracking of space debris and satellites have said that the sightings are not due to the collision on the US and Russian satellites of a few days ago.

Some people have speculated that it was other space debris or a small meteorite entering the atmosphere. Others have said that it could be linked with a UFO which was spotted in places of the skies of Arizona over the past few days.

This leaves the question: What was it?

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