9 February 2011, JellyBean @ 10:24 am

This article is pretty cool. Apparently there is this lake in Antarctica which has been frozen over for about 15 million years. Below the ice is liquid water.

Scientists have been drilling down through the ice to reach the lake, 3,750 meters (12,000 ft) beneath the polar ice cap, racing to complete the drilling before the end of the brief Antarctic summer. They are unsure of what, if anything, may be lurking in the water.

Scientists suspect the lake’s depths will reveal new life forms, show how the planet was before the ice age and how life evolved. It could offer a glimpse at what conditions for life exist in the similar extremes of Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa.

“It’s like exploring an alien planet where no one has been before. We don’t know what we’ll find,” said Valery Lukin of Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) in St Petersburg, which oversees the expedition.

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3 May 2010, JellyBean @ 9:51 pm

A Russian hunter claims he has saved something that can only be described as Bigfoot from a frozen river in central Siberia.

Russian news agency Itar-Tass quoted a source in the administration of the Tashtagol district of the Perm Region as saying that the incident took place in April this year near the village of Senzaskiye Kichi. The village is located 140 kilometers away from the nearest human settlement and the only connection with its residents is by helicopter. The latest flight to the village brought back a written report about the encounter with the so-called Bigfoot.

The letter read that professional hunter Afanasiy Kiskorov together with several other hunters was fishing when they heard a loud cracking of ice and a howl. When they approached the source of the noise, the hunters saw an unusual creature described as “like a huge man covered in dark brown fur.” The creature was in the river, about 10 meters from the bank and it unsuccessfully tried to get out of the water and stand upright.

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12 April 2010, JellyBean @ 6:23 am

A three-year-old German boy who was brought back to life after his heart stopped for three hours claims he met his grandmother in heaven.

The boy, identified in media reports only as Paul, was playing on his own beside a lake at his grandfather’s property in Brandenburg when he fell in, the Bild newspaper reports.

Paul’s grandfather found his body in the water a short time later and the youngster was rushed to Helios Hospital via helicopter.

Four doctors attempted to resuscitate Paul for three hours and 18 minutes and were about to stop when his heart suddenly began beating.

It is believed the cold water in the lake caused Paul’s body temperature to drop to 28C — nine degrees below the normal 37C — which slowed his metabolism and allowed his body to survive with little oxygen.

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9 News

22 July 2009, JellyBean @ 10:43 am

Each year during the summer months, China’s mysterious lake monster makes an appearance at Lake Kanas. If you search the site, or see the ‘Related’ links below, you will see previous reports of it.

“Ten tourists from Guangdong and Hubei provinces were the latest to report a “water monster” sighting in Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. They told local media that they saw a giant black creature on July 5 that stirred waves over 1 meter high and left a wake over 10 meters long for 20 seconds about 100 meters away from their boat.”

Scientists believe that these sightings are mostly misidentification of a huge species of fish which lives in the lake. Witnesses are however adamant that what they have seen is most definitely not a giant fish.


People’s Daily Online: China’s “Nessie” sighted

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