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Looking at Colton Burpo today you would never know that he almost died as a four year old in 2003. This week Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson broke the story that heaven definitely exists.

A boy who almost died from a ruptured appendix has said he met the dead sister he did not know existed.

Four-year-old Colton Burpo was misdiagnosed with flu while his family, from Imperial, a small town in Nebraska, were on a trip to Colorado. By the time they returned home he was seriously ill and had to undergo emergency surgery twice.

While he was in surgery his parents, Todd and Sonya, prayed, believing they were going to lose their son. However, when Colton recovered he astonished them by describing scenes of them praying while he was being operated on.

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The Burpo family has now written a book about the experience and Colton, aged 11, continues to share his experiences of heaven.

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Freaky As Hell… This Looks Real… You Decide.

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In some parts of the world, strange news stories become so well known, that they become a part of national folklore and legend. Even stranger is that even though these stories gain such prominance in one country, they are seldom heard in others.

One such case has become a major talking point for the people of Spain, but is virtually unheard of outside of the country. It is the true story of what happened to the boy from Somosierra?

It was the 24th June 1986. Andres Gomez was a truck driver who made his living delivering highly combustible and corrosive compounds to Madrid. On this particular day he was excited because his delivery was a little different – he had brought his family along for the ride.

His wife, Carmen Gomez, and their son, Juan Pedro Martinez Gomez had never been to Madrid before and as his delivery was in that part of Spain, he decided to bring them along with him. They were all excited about the trip and the next day they had decided that on the way home, they would stop off to see the amazing scenery at the Somosierra mountain pass in the Sierra de Guadarrama north of Madrid in Spain. But fate would have a different plan.

The Volvo F-12 refueled near the town of Cieza, Murcia. At 00:12, the family was seen by the staff of the petrol station. After taking a nap at a rest area, they returned to the 301 national highway to Madrid. At 5:30 am, they made their last stop at the Aragon Inn. Witnesses who saw them there said that the family looked happy and nothing was amiss. But shortly afterwards things changes drastically.

Witnesses on the road reported seeing the truck accelerating to speeds of over 140 km/h, stopping suddenly before speeding off again at high speed. It wasn’t long before the police received a call that a major accident had occured. The truck has collided with another car, overturned in a ditch and the tanker had ruptured, spilling the explosive, corrosive liquid all over the road.

Authorities rushed to the scene to contain the environmental damage. Specialist clean-up crews arrived at the scene and started cleaning up the spill. When they managed to get to the cab of the truck, they found that the liquid had penetrated it and the two bodies inside has suffered terrible burns, but were otherwise intact.

Everything looked like a tragic accident. That was until the grandparents asked authorities: Where is my grandson, Juan Pedro?

Fearing that the boy was perhaps injured, the crews and police scoured the site of the crash but there was no trace of the 10 year old boy. The only indication that he had even been in the cab with his parents was one lone shoe.

People immediately speculated that his body had been dissolved by the corrosive liquid, but this was quickly dismissed by the forensics team who said that even if his body had come in contact with large amounts of the fluid, bones and other biological materials would still have been evident.

The police interviewed witnesses to the events leading up to the accident. It as then that the true bizarre nature of the story became evident.

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The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office received some unsolicited help from a former military investigator this week in the case of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman.

Edward Dames, a retired remote viewer who once worked with the Army, worked with his team for three weeks to try to determine the physical location of the missing boy, who has not been since June 4 at Skyline School in northwest Portland.

Dames said the missing boy is located on private property roughly 10 miles south of the school.

“He’s not where police are searching,” he said. “(He’s) not in the water and not that far away.”

A remote viewer is a specialized psychic once used by the CIA and U.S. military during the cold war. Dames was the inspiration for the movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats.”

He said he uses a mental technique to locate a missing person’s geographic location and then goes out into the field to find the target. However, Dames said he’s unable to do so in this case because he said the boy is on private property, which can present unknown dangers for his team.

Read the article here: KPTV

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