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26 October 2008, JellyBean @ 2:53 am

by Lee Emery

In early 1982, I was attending college in Socorro, New Mexico (I eventually lived only a quarter mile from the famous 1964 UFO landing site). One night, I was suddenly awakened and immediately had an eerie feeling of being watched. My body felt paralyzed from the neck down, but I was able to turn my head to the right and look behind me.

I was shocked to see a tall, slim man standing there gazing down at me. He was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and dark tie, had black slicked-back hair and a very pale face. He had a strange, inquisitive look on his face as he continued to study me.


I laid there frozen for several seconds, then he began to slowly float backwards away from me until he finally dematerialized upon reaching the wall. I began to regain my motor functions, assessed the situation, then incredibly, rolled over and went back to sleep. To this day, I am still mystified as to why I did not jump out of bed and investigate this bizarre event a little further. It was almost as if I was programmed to remain calm about the whole thing.

I soon put the event into the back of my mind, until I happened to read that similar events had been experienced by many people, including such well known authors as Whitley Strieber and Brad Steiger.

Many psychologists would classify this experience as a hypnopompic episode, where hallucinations occur during the transition from a sleep state to a waking state. I am willing to consider this theory as a possible explanation, but am not convinced by any means.

I have never had another experience like this one, either before, or after that time. I often wonder how many people have had something similar happen to them.

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