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8 October 2008, JellyBean @ 9:05 am

Stephen Foster, 18, and his friend Todd Bevis, 16, decided to go camping in St Leonard’s Forest, near St John the Evangelist Church at Coolhurst, UK. He claims that this innocent camping trip has turned into a poltergeist nightmare.

During their camping trip, the boys claim to have seen strange lights and then ehard the sound of a girl screaming. As they huddled in their tent, they felt a strange presence outside, trying to get in.

They waited in terror until dawn before fleeing back to their homes. But this was only the beginning. A month later, Stephen believes that the ‘evil force’ which they encountered in the forest is still haunting him.


Doors open and close on their own account and cups in the cupboard are smashed. Stephen says that in the middle of the night he hears evil laughter and sees strange dark shapes flitting around his room.

After one particularly frightening night two weeks following the camping trip, Stephen has refused to sleep in his own bedroom. Now he sleeps on a sofa in a downstairs room.

Stephen’s mother, Caroline, has backed up her son’s claims.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” she told reporters. “I tend to be more sceptical about these things, but there was just no explanation for it.”

The family have now invited a paranormal research team into their home in an effort to rid themselves of the poltergeist. Until then, Stephen battles to fall asleep and is becoming fearful for his life.

This case is unusual as poltergeist activity usually relates to young girls and not to older teen boys. What could the boys have disturbed in the forest? Could this be a case of terror being manifested as a form of Tulpa?

County Times: Horsham teenager’s poltergeist fears

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