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12 August 2008, JellyBean @ 4:51 am

On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Several witnesses reported what they had seen, but two days later something even more weird happened.

It was the morning of the 16th September at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. The teachers had just begun their morning meeting and outside 62 children were playing unsupervised in the schoolyard on their morning recess.

Suddenly some of the children stopped playing and looked up into the sky. There they saw 3 approaching lights. These objects would appear and disappear in the sky. The strange objects got closer and closer until finally they landed in a bushy area next to the schoolyard, about 100 meters from the children.

(There is some controversy as to whether the object landed on the ground or hovered above it.)

As the children watched in astonishment, a small man, only about a meter in height appeared on the top of one of the objects. He was described as having a scrawny neck, long jet black hair coming below his shoulders and huge eyes. The little man was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit which was ‘shiny’ according to an 11 year old girl.

He started moving across the ground towards them.Suddenly he looked up at the children and vanished, only to reappear behind the ‘UFO’. A few seconds passed and the man vanished again and the object took off and vanished into the sky.

YouTube Preview Image

Clip from ‘Sightings’ about this case

The terrified children called for help. They thought that the small man was a ‘tokoloshe’ (click here to see my previous article) who would kidnap them and eat them. By the time the adults arrived, the object had disappeared. The whole encounter had taken about 15 minutes.


The following day, UFO investigator Cynthia Hind contacted the school and asked the headmaster, Colin Mackie, to get the children to draw pictures of what they had seen. When she arrived at the school, she had a collection of 35 pictures waiting.

One small girl told Cynthia: ‘I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.’

Dr. John Mack, the abduction researcher, and his associate Dominique Callimanopulos also went to Ruwa and spent two days interviewing and counseling twelve of the children and their parents.

Some of the older students told the researchers that they felt that the creatures had tried to communicate with them, sending the message that we humans are destroying our planet, polluting the environment in ways that will have dire consequences.

“Those thoughts came from the man – the man’s eyes.” One student said.

The children’s’ ages vary from 5/6 to 12 years and come from various cultures.

To many people, this encounter is one of the most important in terms of evidence of UFO’s and aliens. They argue that it would be nearly impossible to get 62 children to concoct a story like this, let alone get their details to match.

Furthermore, these children come from a very limited background where it is unlikely that they would have even heard of UFO’s and aliens.

What exactly did they see that day?

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