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30 September 2008, JellyBean @ 5:21 pm

Yves Rossy a.k.a. Rocket Man successfully attempted to cross the English Channel this week using just a jet wing from France to Dover. However his magnificent feat also sparked debate, as something seemed to be inadvertently caught on film.

Experts, including ex-MOD UFO investigator Nick Pope said that the shape caught on camera was too defined to be a cloud and does not resemble any aircraft. Mr. Pope called the sighting ‘significant’ and has called on the MOD to investigate it further.

Seen briefly while the camera tracks Rossy’s flight, the shape seems to be that of a classic cigar-shaped UFO. It appears that there is a reflective, shiny point which seems to suggest thatthis was not a natural phenomenon.


Mr Pope told The Sun that unusual aerial activity by humans have often attracted UFO’s. He recalls that during the test of the Concorde, a UFO was reportedly seen in the area.

“They could have been observing Yves Rossy to examine what he was doing.” he said.

An MOD spokesman has said that it does not investigate UFO sightings unless it appears that UK airspace has been violated by hostile or unauthorised military activity.

Rossy had leaped from a plane, 8 200 feet over Calais. He had an 8ft wide wing strapped to his back and four jets to propel him over the Channel. Using only his body and head to steer, he made the 22 mile trip in about nine miunutes – reaching a speed of 125 miles per hour.

He touched down near the South Foreland lighthouse after completing a figure of eight manoeuvre during a further four minutes in the air.

His flight came 99 years after Louis Bleriot became the first person to cross the Channel by aircraft. Bleriot’s trip took him 37 minutes to complete.

You can see the video on The Sun website:


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