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14 May 2010, JellyBean @ 4:19 pm

They say you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch, but a bizarre bird with four wings has left one grandmother completely baffled.

The extremely rare chicken-guinea fowl hybrid, which is called a guin, was born on Lyn Newman’s smallholding.

Lyn, 59, raises a number of fowl in Defford, Worcestershire, but she was astonished when one of her eggs hatched into an odd looking bird even she couldn’t identify.

The tiny bird was covered in clumps of feathers and – most strangely of all – had four wings.

Lyn, a retired social care worker had to trawl the internet before she realised that the bizarre bird was a hybrid.

A rogue guinea had mated with one of her hens – and the result was this ugly chick – who has since been named Tulip.

The four wings are a result of a genetic mutation because of the cross-species breeding.

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Daily Mail

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