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23 August 2010, JellyBean @ 4:38 pm

A team of psychics claims to have found evidence not only of life on Mars, but a large industrial dome and a plume of waste coming from it.

In a recent video presentation titled, “Evidence of Artificiality on Mars,” researcher Courtney Brown, founder of an organization of psychics called the Farsight Institute, claimed to have found mysterious features in a photograph of Mars.

In a YouTube video describing the “anomaly,” Brown states, “Here at the top you see a spray…. a straight nozzle that’s horizontally placed, and what looks like a pipeline going into a dome… below there’s also a very large dome that is highly reflective, it looks like it’s made of some sort of resin material.”

Brown goes on to say, “We know of no geological processes that produce a horizontal nozzle with a strong powerful spray coming out of it. In fact most geological processes with geysers have flat land and the spray comes up. So that was an anomaly, we wondered: What’s that all about?”

This question launched the so-called “Mysteries Project,” in which Brown employed a team of psychics (also known as remote viewers) to help him understand the anomaly.

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