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14 July 2008, JellyBean @ 4:01 am

WTCAfter six years, the images and horror of the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001, still haunt us. This one day left a profound effect not only on the US, but the world. Many questions have been left unanswered and many more raised. Some may never be answered.

People have often asked why there was no psychic forewarning of 9/11. Why did all the fortune tellers, psychics and astrologers not ‘see’ this happening?

The truth is that some people did eerily predict that something would happen. Here are a few of them:

The schoolboy’s vision

On September 10, in a Dallas suburb, a fifth grader made an incredible statement to his teacher. He told her that the following day World War III would begin in the US and the US would lose the war.

On the following two days the student was absent from class. The teacher reported the incident to the school officials who in turn notified the FBI. The boy and the family were cleared of having any special advance knowledge of the events of 9/11.

Another schoolboy’s prediction

Five days before the attack on the WTC, Antoinette DiLorenzo was teaching English to her class of Pakistani immigrants in Brooklyn. Following a discussion on world events, she asked a freshman what he was looking at.

The boy was looking out at lower Manhattan and remarked that the World Trade Center would not be there in a week. DiLorenzo reported the matter two days after 9/11. The police and FBI were alerted and shortly after they interrogated the boy and his brother.

The youth confirmed what he had said, but claimed that he had been ‘kidding’ and it was all a mistake.

The FBI placed the boy’s family under surveillance but did not see any connection between them and the plot to blow up the towers.

Psychic Valerie Clarke

Across the ocean in the UK, psychic Valerie Clark appeared on the popular “Kilroy Show” shown on the BBC. On the program she said that she had received a vision of a massive explosion caused by an aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center. In her words:

“I had this dream a while ago and I thought it was a bombing at the World Trade Center. In my dream I was at the World Trade Center wandering the streets – I was in some sort of barricade when the building blew up. At the same time this plane went down behind it. In my dream I was not sure if the plane had gone into the building.”

The Coup Album ArtThe Coup album art

A hip hop band, The Coup, were planning the release of their new album “Party Music”. Just prior to 9/11, they had been working on the album art and had decided on using a particular picture.

The picture showed two band memebers standing in front of the World Trade Center. The WTC was exploding, with billows of smoke and fire coming from the buildings.

Comparing the album art with the photos and video footage of 9/11, the depiction of the fire and smoke is eerily similar.

Due to the events of 9/11, the record company decided that they would not use that particular cover and changed it for another.

Superman and The Uncanny X-men

Adventures of Superman #596 - LexCorp TowersThe comic book, Adventures of Superman #596, was due for release on the September 12, 2001. The storyline tells of an alien attack on Metropolis which leaves LexCorp Towers heavily damaged.

Superman #596The artist, Mike Wieringo remarked, “The book was completed months ago. The ironic thing is that the damage done by the terrorists is far greater than I could ever portray visually.”

As the imagery in the comic book so vividly mirrored the devastation of the Twin Towers, DC decided to make the comics returnable for no penalty to the retailers.

In 1985, Uncanny X-Men #189 continued the alternate vision of the future first seen in the Days of Future Past storyline. Rachel Summers (who came from the future), while describing the dire future of the early 21st century, says “The twin towers of World Trade Center lie in ruins. Thousands are dead, many more injured”.

One wonders why Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and other ‘big names’ in the psychic and clairvoyant world did not predict one of the biggest disasters of our era. Does this prove they are fakes or frauds?

Not at all. We need to remember that psychics can’t be expected to predict every single event. Most are only told what is relevant to them. Being a psychic is unpredictable by nature and is not fully understood, therefore it would be unfair to use this as an argument for fakery.

On the other hand, we must ask ourselves why it appears that some ‘advance’ warning is given to a chosen few. How can we learn from and use this information in the future?

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