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12 August 2010, JellyBean @ 4:08 pm

A psychic trying to find a missing six-year-old girl in Australia has discovered a woman’s torso in bushland.

The woman alerted police to the area in Sydney’s west because she had a premonition about Kiesha Abrahams – the youngster who was reported missing 12 days ago.

A dismembered body was found near the edge of Eastern Creek at Doonside. The head, arms and legs are still missing.

The psychic told officers she had a feeling they would find something of interest in the area, especially relating to Kiesha.

“It’s quite interesting that there’s a woman and she had a sense or feeling it was worth her while to come to this particular part of the park,” said Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young.

“We’re still exploring that, it’s certainly an interesting proposition of hers.”

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