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9 August 2010, JellyBean @ 10:59 am

A man in Portsmouth, England, reported to LITS, that on July 10, 2010, at 11:30 PM he was outside when he saw a bright light just above his home. He reports:

“I was in my garden and it (the light) was travelling from west to east. It was a very still quiet night but I couldn’t hear any noise from the direction of the light. I called my wife out to see it. I then got my telescope to watch it but could still only see a bright light. It was very large.”

The witness goes on to say, “other people reported there were 4 others (lights) a lot higher up and there was no noise at all.”

In a second email, the witness states: ” I watched it (the light) for around 5 mins until it had gone out of site. It wasn’t travelling that fast, probably the speed of a small plane but it deffinitely wasn’t a plane or any thing I had seen. I know people say why didn’t you get a picture. I could kick myself. I had my camera in my kitchen and could have. I would usually say the same but I was so intent on trying to see what it was.
Since I’ve emailed you I saw the same light again last night but it was a lot higher than the air liners, travelling a lot faster this time, going south east. What ever direction you look at them, they are just a very bright light.

Read the witness statements here: Lights in The Sky

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