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10 April 2009, JellyBean @ 9:41 am

This is the archived audio of Whispers which is broadcast live on Wednesday’s at 8PM EST on AM 1600 in Wheeling, WV. It is a paranormal themed radio show hosted by Jordan Cline and Nick Queen and tends to be interview-based. Topics range from ghosts to cryptozoology to UFOs, as well as others that fall into the general paranormal realm.
Don Keating
On this episode, broadcast live on August 13 on 1600 AM in Wheeling, the show opens with a quick discussion of new website features on whispersradio.com. Next came a short bit about crop circles where we discuss discuss a recent figure eight circle in the UK.

Finally, Don Keating joined us to discuss Bigfoot. Don is the director of Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center and was interviewed on Discovery Channel’s MonsterQuest about Grassman sightings. He has been investigating Bigfoot since July of 1984. We will be discussing the recent story about a Bigfoot body being discovered in Georgia as well as sightings close to home.

Show notes: Whispers Radio

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