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5 May 2010, JellyBean @ 4:32 pm

There is no doubt that television programs and cinematic features have gone a long way in shaping our understanding of the occult, and conversely, many shows have benefited from a thorough knowledge of speculative matters. A recent example is the series Fringe, which offers its viewers the possibility of a “parallel Earth” in which the Twin Towers still stand — and in which the Hindenburg never exploded, or so it seems. Even more suggestive is the presence of entities that are unmistakably the “Men in Black” or MIBs of ufological lore, depicted here as disinterested observers of the events that move the shows plot. But the creators of Fringe leave their viewers with an unequivocal message: some of the people in our midst, who look like us and sound like us, share our bus and subway rides, may look human, but are not fully so.

Let us explore this notion further. Would agents of another reality, on a mission to our own, bring their own devices or have to make do with ours? Would their senses of vision, sight and hearing be equal to our own, or more or less acute? And if they brought devices from their own reality, would they risk losing them to the authorities of our law enforcement agencies, or would these simply not function once whatever hypothetical barrier had been crossed? Aside from having to develop a taste for our fast food, our hypothetical interdimensionals may have other issues on their hands. Communications between their numbers might be achieved by rustic, old-fashioned methods such as the ones suggested here.

In the fall of 1985, the Washington, D.C. City Paper featured a small ad in its “Personals” column which read: “O.T.O, A.A.: where are you, brothers and sisters?”

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