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27 August 2010, JellyBean @ 8:05 am

After I saw the orange orb UFO in the 1980s — the one that propelled me into the world of UFOs and Fortean, esoteric topics (falling down the rabbit hole) I became obsessed with the UFO; its origins, its intent, etc. What was it that I saw that night? It was all so odd; the size of the thing, the fact that it followed us, — seemed to be waiting for us — the missing time, the dreams that followed, the fear, the apathy, the telepathic communications.

I went to the local library, reading literally every book the library had on UFOs. And, on aviation. And, on debunking UFOs. Anything to do with UFOs, flying saucers, space ships, planes, unexplained phenomena. I didn’t find anything in any of the books that came close to what I saw. If I found an account of an sphere shaped craft, it wasn’t described as orange. If I came across a sighting of an orange light, well, it was red, or reddish orange, or yellowish, and small, and usually attached to a larger object. But not what I saw that night in Oregon.

I came across accounts of silver, chrome colored craft of all sizes and shapes, with lights, but not one of an orange sphere, seemingly lit from within. Furthermore, I didn’t come across any reports of orange orb sightings with all the other events I mentioned earlier: missing time, and so on.

I didn’t give up. All that searching, researching, reading, discussing, led me to the writing I do today. When I started out talking about my sighting online ten, fifteen years ago, I still hadn’t come across orange orb reports. Not at first.

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