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17 August 2010, JellyBean @ 6:37 pm

He’s been a media star since the ’30s, lighting up newspaper headlines and television interviews.

And there’s no telling when he’ll pop up.

You could be washing your dishes and gazing out the front window or walking your dog on the beach.

The mythical sea serpent namesake of Cadboro Bay only shows his head when he’s ready and on his own terms.

The few locals who track Cadborosaurus, and who are determined to prove it exists, won’t rest until hard photographic evidence is secured. Evidence that could be on the verge of being revealed.

Jason Walton, cryptozoologist and head of the current search for recognition and classification of the legendary creature, says video footage of the creature is set to air next month on the Discovery Channel.

“There’s a guy up in Alaska who filmed about 15 (Cadborosauruses) swimming across an Alaskan Bay,” Walton said, adding that the video was shot from a boat and is close-up to the subjects.

Should Caddy show up back home, Walton hopes to capture his own film, thanks to 24-hour digital video surveillance across sighting-rich waters of Telegraph Bay.

“I didn’t know what to think about the whole thing at first, but when you speak to a witness who’s so adamant about the Cadborosaurus – what they see and what they describe is so unlike anything else that’s swimming off of Vancouver Island.”

The accounts have included what appear to be loops (presumably the body) coming out of the water or heads and necks.

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