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16 October 2008, JellyBean @ 6:38 am

I wanted to give a bit of a break before commenting on the Oct 14 ‘event’ and to see the responses of those involved.

First up is that the main character in the drama, Blossom Goodchild, has gone to ground along with her forum. She has not made any statement other than that she is no longer doing channeling at this time. Her forum has been closed, except to close friends. I do worry about her and hope that she does not do anything foolish. To my mind, she is probably sick and needs good professional help. I do not think that she did all this with malice.

Moving on to my favourite Magenta Pixie. Well she has released a very informative video where she spells out her feelings about the non-event. It is very telling and I can see the fire brigade out in full force, putting out all the fires. Check out the latest video:

YouTube Preview Image

First of all she claims that people misunderstood the other channelers (herself and Zingdad to be specific). She says that they never once said that Oct 14 would be the day. Maybe not, but they definitely insinuated it very strongly. Just see the videos on the previous pages … if they are still around!


Secondly she blames the people of earth, mostly because of their negativity and disbelief. This is the usual cop-out from people like this. Kind of like the US government has done with the current financial crisis isn’t it. She goes on to state that it is the channelers themselves that are the victims in all of this!

Another chap, David Childerley, says that it all did not happen because the people on earth were not ready and there was too much negative energy, amongst other things. You can check out his rather lengthy video below. The one thing I can say for this guy is that he uses his own name and makes videos of himself. He doesn’t hide behind avatars and computer generated voices like others.

YouTube Preview Image

In my opinion Blossom Goodchild has probably been suffering from a case of undiagnosed schizophrenia or something similar. She has been hearing voices who have been instructing her about certain things. Sounds like a classic case to me.

As mentioned earlier, I do not think that she did this with any malice in mind. I really do believe that it was mostly a fantasy from a delusional mind. Unfortunately channeling and all forms of mediumship exhibits symptoms very similar to this. It doesn’t make all channelers and mediums schizophrenics. It does make it quite difficult in some cases to distinguish between the two.

To those who believed in all of this, I would say that you shouldn’t believe in everything you hear. Do some research and look at the players. Take your time and examine the evidence – even the circumstantial evidence, before deciding.

I for one do believe that aliens are out there and that perhaps one day they will pop over to our corner of the universe and say hello in a very public way. I look forward to the day when that happens. But in the same breath I will not let me desire to see this cloud my judgement because of one person’s claims and promises.


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