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16 June 2009, JellyBean @ 12:59 pm

Last week we reported on the raining tadpoles in Japan. This week we have the raining stones in India!

Mr Anil Hota of Ichchbatipur walks around these days with a palm leaf sheet over his head as his village has been plagued by a rain of stones. He is not alone. Everyone is the village has been taking precaution after the unexplained showers occuring both during the day and during the dead of night.
Raining stones
Mr Srikant Hota, a fellow villager informed the curious and confused neighbours that one big stone had fallen from above injuring him. He showed the injuries marks on his body.

We searched extensively for the origin of the stones, but found no answer for the mystery,” said Mr Hemant Mohapatra, who has also sustained injuries from the raining stones.

Police who were summoned to the village were clueless as to the cause. Many villagers feel that it is a supernatural phenomenon, while some maintain that this was the handwork of a sorcerer with a grudge against the village.

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