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6 September 2010, JellyBean @ 10:07 am

Catastrophic events or just more global alarmism?

Today we hear a great deal about the forthcoming year 2012 and I predict that chatter will increase as it did in a similar fashion towards the run up to the Millennium.

Principally, the latest panic is based on a primordial Mayan “long count” calendar, engraved on stone. This according to ‘some’ calculations ends on December 21, 2012 and marks the conclusion of a 5,126-year epoch.

The Nostradamus connoisseurs quoted an assortment of his quatrains; primarily the ones that featured starvation, plague, war and comparable distasteful things and condensed them to link in with the dreaded year – 2012.

However, we must remember that the world has always been beleaguered with food shortage, epidemic, warfare and the like. Yet can we be entirely convinced that any quatrain successfully indicated that Nostradamus was referring to the year 2012 in his works?

So folks the big question is – will the world go topsy turvy in 2012? Will we all fall victim to the ‘Wrath of God’ and see massive-scale devastation of some kind, or alternatively is it all a rather big fuss about nothing?

Regrettably, people who do not realise how cosmic forces work are creating a growing panic. They are winding themselves up into flurry about galactic convergence allegedly changing magnetic solar activity.

They are panicking like proverbial lemmings in heat over the Mayan calendar, old Nostradamus and alleged predictions of doom that have been primarily worked up by individuals who are apparently promoting an End-of-Time state of affairs.

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