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30 April 2009, JellyBean @ 4:23 pm

One of my favourite blogs as I have mentioned before is Inexplicata which journals Hispanic UFO sightings, Chupacabra sightings and occasionally other strangeness. This week they documented the H1N1 ‘flu pandemic and I thought that you would find it interesting:

Mexican researcher Marco Reynoso is tracking developments in the H1N1 virus’s spread throughout his country, and providing us with disturbing – if not outright alarming – information about what is going on in the streets of major cities south of the border. He quotes an e-mail from an anonymous resident of the state of Michoacan that reads thus:

“I live in Michoacan. To date, 3 cases have been confirmed in this state. However, we have had people dying of similar symptoms and in fact, one of them was incinerated only a few hours after dying. Why isn’t the truth being told? I understand that caution must prevail in political and economic matters, yet it has also been said that this is the same virus that killed nearly 100 million people in 1918.”

Read more about it on the Inexplicata site

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