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13 April 2009, JellyBean @ 12:57 pm

Two men in two seperate vehicles were reportedly ‘buzzed’ by a triangular shaped UFO on 9 March. The men were travelling along Route 11 between Atlanta and ashville in the USA.
Triangular UFO impression
Both men claim that the silent vehicle buzzed them at a distance of no more than 25 feet off the ground before vanishing into the night. Both men say that the craft could not have been man-made because:

1) It was moving so slowly that a normal craft would have fallen out of the sky

2) As close as it came to them, they did not hear a sound

3) It was a perfect equilateral triangle

One witness told reporters:

“The moon was behind some thin clouds and illuminated them enough for me to see the silhouette of this thing go from the vertical position back to a parallel position with the ground. I clearly saw three lights on each corner of an equilateral triangle. We went over a hill and it was out of sight. With no phone service, I signaled for my friend to pull in to the next store we approached.”

These triangluar UFO sightings have been on the increase in recent years. Some people say that they are merely a new classified aircraft developed by the military and that these sightings are of test flights.

Others question this by wondering why a supposedly secret aircraft would be flying in civilian areas, and why these craft seem to buzz civilian vehicles.

Some people think that these UFO’s are droids from another intelligence sent here to check us out.

Whichever the reason, it certainly creates an interesting story for those that love the mysterious and unexplained!

Click here to read about the encounter

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